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GK Recycling

GK Recycling is a family run business with decades of experience in diverting plastic waste from landfills. We offer total plastic recycling solutions and our core goal is to source the best Recyclable materials and offer our clients and customers the best possible service.

We operate nationwide across the UK and work with many types of customers from distribution centers, warehouse to manufacturers and waste management companies. Utilizing our skills in the recycling sector we aim to offer the best possible price for your materials and place them for re processing via our fully accredited and vetted network across the UK, Europe and worldwide.We buy and sell a wide range of materials including uPVC, HDPE, PP & LDPE.

All commodities collected by GK Recycling are sent off for re processing and turned into new plastic feed stock.

All of our partner re-processors go through strict quality control Procedure to ensure all materials are fully recycled. So, you can be rest assured all commodities are ethically and sustainably reused and we offer full traceability from start to finish and provide paperwork so you have the reassurance your plastic waste has been ethically sourced and recycled.

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